Thrilled by dating Feeling thrilled by the prospect of being taken in hand Feeling thrilled by the prospect of being taken in hand

Thrilled by dating
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 1. Intro
Yesterday, my husband bought me a mobile phone. “I want to be able to check where you are and what you're up to,” he said. “And I want you to be able to call me if there's an emergency.” He looked at me as he said this and I looked back at him. He didn't actually mention the words “Hampton Court”, but I knew he was thinking them. He knows full well that I loathe all telephones, and mobile phones in particular. I have always set my face resolutely against having one. So what did I say when he looked at me like that, did I tell him to go and take a running jump, and that I was having no truck with mobiles whatsoever. No I did not. “Yes, dear” I said meekly, my defiance ebbing away under his steely gaze. He took me into town forthwith and bought me one. “Keep it with you, and keep it switched on” he said. “Yes, dear” I said.

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 2. Pre-online dating days
My objections died in the heat of his certainty that I would have a phone whether I liked it or not. “You take it with you when you go out, and if you leave it at home you are in Big Trouble – trouble with a capital ‘S’” he told me. I slightly despise myself for being this way, but I absolutely adore it when he is firm like this and overcomes my resistance. If I were a normal person I would probably resent being told I'd be in trouble if I forget to take my mobile phone with me. Being the way I am though, I get a pleasurable thrill from the prospect of getting in trouble if I do forget the phone! I am frequently punished for having forgotten to do this or that, but I don't resent it, because it's preferable to what might have happened in the pre-online dating days, which was him being sarcastic or losing his temper and shouting at me about whatever it is. Nowadays his reaction to my having forgotten to do something is more likely to be slightly stern but amused “How many times have I told you not to....” whatever it is, rather than irritation. And I find myself meekly saying “I'm sorry” instead of flouncing out of the room in a self-pitying sulk.

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 3. Something on purpose
I know being punished for forgetfulness seems highly unreasonable, but it mysteriously puts both of us in a better humor. Sometimes I almost succumb to the temptation to ‘forget’ something on purpose, for the pleasure of getting that reaction. The other day I'd gone out to get something from the car, and I was about to lock it again when I hesitated, contemplating pleasurably what the reaction of my HRH (Highly Respected Husband) would be if he went out and found it unlocked. Then common sense reasserted itself and I considered what his reaction would be likely to be if he went out there and found the car gone. Not so much fun. Anyway, it would be cheating. God knows I don't need to forget things on purpose, it happens often enough naturally.

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 4. Temptations
Sometimes I almost succumb to the temptation to ‘forget’ something on purpose, for the pleasure of getting that reaction. My god! How I relate to that comment! I have succumbed to such a temptation more than once. I get a distinct thrill when I feel my husband is going to react to what I have deliberately forgotten. It does not always happen as I want it, unfortunately. There are many times when he is feeling in a good mood and there is no reaction from him, only mild disapproval ate what I have done. But occasionally I get what I have secretly longed for - a damn good spanking. I haven't yet worked out how to get consistent reactions. As I said, there are times when I get no spanking at all. But the thrill of waiting and wondering if I shall be spanked is exquisitely delicious. And when I get what I want (and deserve) it is doubly exciting. Perhaps I should learn a better technique of being able to trigger off the reaction I desire. It is so wonderful when he does what I want, namely spank me, but it is so disappointing when he does not react to my deliberate misdemeanors. It is terrible to want more spankings than you are given.

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 5. Consistent reactions
I sympathise with your desire for more spankings than you are getting. I used to feel like that sometimes before we started having a Taken In Hand relationship. Although my husband has always been aware of my desire to be spanked, and has always spanked me fairly frequently, I always had a much stronger desire for 'punishment' rather than just erotic spanking, and I used to go out of my way sometimes to provoke 'punishment', which I found so much more exciting, and so much more erotic than 'erotic' spankings. Since we started having a Taken In Hand relationship he has become much more aware of the importance of this to me, and he seldom overlooks anything, because he knows I don't want him to, and that I desire a consistent response, which is what I get. Does your husband know that you feel a need for a consistent reaction? Perhaps he isn't aware that you really want him to do this? Maybe he need to have it explained to him.

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 6. I can relate to this "bratty" be
In the world of BDSM it's called "being a brat", and one thing I didn't like was that in that world, brat behavior is looked down on. I think it can be rather cute, and fun... good thing Taken In Hand doesn't have a problem with it!

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